Cook4Me - Pressure Cooker

Intelligent multicooker that guides you to cook delicious meals fast and easily!
  • With it's intuitive and smart control panel, Cook4me guides you step by step to cook pre-programmed recipes and single ingredients. 
  • Cook4Me is available in 3 colours; black, white and red.

Reference : CY701860

Let the Cook4me pressure cooker guide you to cook fast and tasty meals!

The Cook4me pressure cooker is your very own personal cooking assistant! It comes with over 85 pre-programmed pressure cooker recipes, providing a step by step guide to cook tasty meals for up to 6 people. At the push of a botton, cook a variety of meals and reduce time spent in the kitchen.

  • To cook a specific ingredient, simply select it on the digital screen, click and Cook4me will cook it for you.
  • 5 cooking settings to allow you to pressure cook, brown, reheat, keep warm (up to 5 hours) or delay start
  • No need to monitor. When the meal is ready, the cooker keeps it warm until it's time to eat!
  • Safe to use: 5 security features, plus pot with cool-touch handles for a totally safe cooking experience.
  • Easy to clean: the removable pot and steam basket are dishwasher safe.
  • Automatic hands free steam release.



Thanks to its digital screen, Cook4me guides you to cook your meals perfectly according to the ingredients, their weight and the number of guests

Cook4me allows you to rapidly pressure cook, steam, brown, reheat, and keep warm. It delivers great results everytime!

Fast and without monitoring: Over 30 recipes cooked in 15 minutes or less (without the preheating time)

Easy and convenient: One-step lid opening and closing. Easy clean, non-stick removable cooking pot with cool-touch handles


Cook4Me Beef bolognaise sauce

Difficulty : Very easy
Time : 18min

Cook4Me Mussels in white wine

Difficulty : Very easy
Time : 5min

Cook4Me Lamb shanks recipe

Difficulty : Very easy
Time : 55min

Cook4Me Creme Brulee

Difficulty : Very easy
Time : 28min

Cook4Me Pork spare ribs

Difficulty : Very easy
Time : 31min

Cook4me Gnocchi with Pancetta

Difficulty : Easy
Time : 8min

Cook4me Pea and Ham Risotto

Difficulty : Very easy
Time : 16min

Cook4Me Spiced Pears

Difficulty : Easy
Time : 22min

Cook4Me steamed sweet chilli salmon

Difficulty : Very easy
Time : 16min

Cook4Me Chicken Tikka Curry

Difficulty : Very easy
Time : 13min

Cook4Me Quinoa Salad with Cucumber

Difficulty : Very easy
Time : 0min

Technology Standard
Control panel Full color LCD
Pressure cooking  
Keep warm  
Visual cooking  
Removable Cord  
Adjustable temperature  
Delayed start  
DIY Chef setting  
Spherical bowl  
Removable bowl  
Safety device for overpression  
Dishwasher safe  

Frequent questions
• Check that the opening handle is in the open position before moving the lid to the closed position. (green padlock)
• Check that the nut of the metal lid is quite tight.
• Check that the violet ball cap (located on the top of the S/E metal lid) is in the correct locked position with closed lock.
• If you are at the end of cooking and you want to close the lid, wait until the hot vapours have dissipated before closing the lid.
• Check that you are not cooking, and that the indicator is not on.
• Unplug the product and wait until it cools completely.
• Once the product is completely cool (total absence of internal pressure), insert a rod into the hole located between the opening handle and the silent valve.
• Take your appliance back to the store where you bought it.
You must follow the recommended maximum quantities.
• Do not use fruits that become frothy during cooking.
• It may be that part of the lid is not positioned properly.
• Apply pressure to the probe in the centre of the central nut to release the lid.
• Ensure that the cover of the decompression ball is in the correct locked position.
• This function is not active in all modes or preparations.
• This function is made inactive by the device for programmed preparation of recipes containing fragile ingredients such as milk, fish, meat, eggs (see instructions page 15). Possible only on some ingredients such as rice, cereals, and vegetables up to 15 hours in advance.
• These requirements are for health reasons, to avoid possible spread of bacteria.
• This does not mean that the outer surface of the tank is damaged.
• To restore the original appearance: using a sponge and a mixture of hot water and white vinegar, clean, then rinse the tank thoroughly.
• Our advice: For greater satisfaction regarding the life of your tank, we recommend manual washing with a mild detergent.

After each use, allow the appliance to cool, then dismantle the cover and its components (valve cover, ball cover and ball) then clean with soapy water. Before reassembly, move the valve to ensure that it is working correctly, and check that the vent below the ball is not obstructed.
• Check using the instructions that all parts of the internal metal lid are present, properly in place, and clean.
• Check that there is sufficient liquid in the cooking vessel.
• The quantity of water in the tank is insufficient to increase and maintain the pressure throughout the cooking.
• Stop the ongoing process, open the lid and add a sufficient quantity of water. Restart the recipe or re-heat manually.
• Our tip: When cooking rice and other foods susceptible to high water absorption during cooking, check the instructions on the food packaging carefully and add the minimum amount of water required for cooking under pressure (up to 200ml for maximum quantity/long cooking time).
Your ball cover might be incorrectly attached.
Let the product cool down completely, then remove the metal cover and check that the vertical marker on the ball cover is opposite the icon showing a locked padlock.

If the problem persists after this check, take your product to one of our approved repair services.
Your ball cover might be incorrectly attached.
Let the product cool down completely, then remove the metal cover and check that the vertical marker on the ball cover is opposite the icon showing a locked padlock.

If the problem persists after this check, take your product to one of our approved repair services.
Your appliance contains valuable materials which can be recovered or recycled. Leave it at a local civic waste collection point.
• This is normal, the odour will disappear completely after a few uses.
• Be sure to thoroughly clean the items listed in the instructions: cooking vessel, metal lid, before re-using your appliance.
• All recipes are in the Cook4Me appliance. The recipe list booklet is attached on the website under ‘Instructions & Manuals’