JAM OLIVER Jamie Oliver Tefal Hard Anodised Ceramic Induction

Jamie Oliver Tefal Hard Anodised Ceramic Induction Hard-wearing and crispy results

Hard Anodised aluminium with ceramic interior coating

Made of hard anodised exterior and ceramic interior coating, this utensils will be the key to succeed in Jamie Oliver's recipes. The hard anodised exterior makes the surface extremely hard with beautiful brushed grey finish. The long lasting ceramic interior coating is resistant to scratch and abrasion and guarantees crispy and tasty results. The hard anodised ceramic utensils are all hobs compatible, including induction and oven safe up to 260°C.

Hard Anodised Ceramic Stewpot

Crafted from the unique combination of a hard anodised aluminium exterior and an ultra-durable ceramic interior coating, this roaster provides a premium cooking experience. The non-scratch ceramic is perfect for searing meat and veg and the beautiful brushed grey finish of the exterior really looks the part. The roaster comes with a lid and removable roasting rack so you can cook incredible crispy roast meats above a trivet, ideal for making gravies. The stainless steel disc on the base makes this roaster induction hob compatible and the riveted stainless steel handles provide a secure and safe grip. It's dishwasher safe, too.
  • Ceramic coating

    • Anodised aluminium for high resistance
    • Ceramic interior coating for excellent crispy results
    • Riveted stainless steel handles

  • Hard Anodised exterior: hard-wearing and robust

    Long-lasting and ultra resistant hard anodised exterior. Constructed from aluminum treated with an electro-chemical process, making the external surface extremely hard and giving it a beautiful brushed grey finish.

  • Ceramic Interior Coating

    Suitable for metal utensils

  • Ceramic coated interior

    For perfect crispy results

  • Stainless steel rack

    To promote even browning and make it easy to turn cooking juices into a delicious gravy

  • Hobs compatibility : All hobs + induction

    Compatible with all stovetops (gas, electric, ceramic) + induction

  • Oven safe up to 260°C

    Including grill function

Material ALUMINIUM  
Oven compatibility YES  
Dishwasher safe YES  
Inside Coating/finish CERAMIC COATING (solgel technology)  
Outside coating/finish HARD ANODIZED  
Outside coating color GREY ANODISED STANDARD  
Handle type Fixed  

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