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Discover Tefal's wide range of steam irons that are perfect for efficient ironing. They offer speed and simplicity as well as perfection and precision during ironing.

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  • Ultimate Steam Power
    Ultimate Steam Power

    Anti-calc collector for long-lasting steam performance

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  • Efficient

  • Ultraglide

    Ultraglide Steam Iron FV4042

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  • Aquaspeed 335
    Aquaspeed 335

    The easiest iron to use just got easier!

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  • Essential

  • Ultragliss Steam Iron FV4890
    Ultragliss Steam Iron FV4890

    Powerful steam burst for cutting through wrinkles faster.

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  • TEFAL EASYGLISS PARIS FV3931 - Limited Edition
    TEFAL EASYGLISS PARIS FV3931 - Limited Edition

    Sparkle away while doing the ironing with the Paris Limited Edition Steam Iron.

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