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Cook4me Pressure Cooker and Multicooker


Tefal’s range of Cook4me smart pressure cookers is your secret weapon in the family kitchen. With built-in recipes and safety features, Cook4me does all the hard work for you, so you can enjoy more time with your family. Create delicious and perfectly prepared meals at the push of a button, with step-by-step screen guidance. Large enough to feed the family, and easy to use and clean.

Find daily inspiration at your fingertips with this versatile range of smart pressure cookers that guide you to create hundreds of dishes with great results every time! Special functions and settings allow you to adjust the cooking time and temperature to add some of your own creative flair.

Saute meat and vegetables, create a variety of delicious soups and sumptuous stews or choose one of the hundreds of included recipes. Whatever you are cooking, just bring the ingredients and leave the rest to Cook4me.

With a variety of model options for you to choose from, Cook4me smart pressure cookers leave the other brands playing catch-up in the kitchen.

4 Item(s)

  • Cook4me Touch CY9128
    Cook4me Touch CY9128

    Daily inspiration at your fingertips

  • Cook4me+ Connect CY8558
    Cook4me+ Connect CY8558

    Fast. Easy. Full of ideas. Your connected cooking partner.

  • Cook4Me+ Red CY8515
    Cook4Me+ Red CY8515

    The One-Touch Pressure Multicooker, Full of Ideas

  • Cook4me+ CY8518
    Cook4me+ CY8518

    Fast. Easy....and full of ideas