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Cook4me Pressure Cooker and Multicooker | Tefal™ Australia

Meet Cook4Me+, your new cooking super hero with 150+ Built-In recipes! With its unique digital screen, step-by-step recipe cooking & its super fast pressure cooking capabilities, it’s easy to cook delicious meals in no time! Think of Cook4Me+ as your COOKING HERO, here to save all Aussie families from the weekday dinner hustle and clean up. It is a multicooker and pressure cooker in one, a cooking hero, a sous-chef in the kitchen...so you can spend less time cooking, and more time with your family!

4 Item(s)

  • Cook4me Touch CY9128
    Cook4me Touch CY9128

    Daily inspiration at your fingertips

  • Cook4me+ Connect CY8558
    Cook4me+ Connect CY8558

    Fast. Easy. Full of ideas. Your connected cooking partner.

  • Cook4Me+ Red CY8515
    Cook4Me+ Red CY8515

    The One-Touch Pressure Multicooker, Full of Ideas

  • Cook4me+ CY8518
    Cook4me+ CY8518

    Fast. Easy....and full of ideas