TEFAL Oleoclean Pro FR8040

Oleoclean Pro FR8040 Automatically filters and stores the clean oil for next use

Oleoclean, a unique and world patented technology

This fryer is unique: it literally filters the oil by itself. Once your frying is done, turn off the appliance and turn the dial to "automatic filtration". When the oil starts to cool down, it will go through a sieve before being drained into the oilbox underneath. Thus, your oil will always be clean and can be used many times.

Reference: FR804060

OleoClean Pro, stay fresh!

Take a close look at OleoClean Pro, a smart semi-pro fryer that automatically filters the oil. Every time you cook with your fryer, the oil is being filtered by a metallic sieve and that's how you get crispy homemade French fries for everybody. It also features an exclusive cool zone system, so no leftovers get burnt and you don't experience unwanted smells during cooking.

It's pro, it's clean and it's fresh!
  • Capacity: 3.5 L of oil / Up to 1.2 kg food
  • Automatic oil filtration system: automatically drains and filters the oil
  • Easy oil clean up in one step
  • Easy to store with the oil box
  • Heating element reaches the high heat needed to crisp food quickly
  • Can be fully dismantled and dishwasher safe
  • Permanent filter and viewing window
  • Precise Thermostat Control
  • Digital timer
  •  Automatic oil filtration: it filters the oil by itself!

    World patented innovation: turn the dial and the fryer will automatically drain and filter the oil.

  •  Clean oil ready for next use

     As it is filtered after every cooking, the oil is kept clean for next use and lasts longer.

  •  Handy digital timer

     Monitor your cooking easily.

  •  Can be fully dismantled

    Easy to clean, thanks to dishwasher-safe pot and basket

  •  Immersed heating element

    Heating element reaches the high heat needed to crisp food

  •  Adjustable temperature

     Deep-fry from 150°C to 190°C; also equipped with auto shut-off to prevent overheating

  • Cooking lid with convenient viewing window

    Lid can be used during cooking and is equipped with a metallic filter and a viewing window

Recipes Using This Product
Oil capacity 3.5 L  
Food capacity 1.2 Kg  
Bowl coating Stainless steel  
Cool zone    
Lid Cooking  
Filter Metallic  
Oil filtration Automatic  
Carrying handles    
Control panel Metal  
Indicator light    
Colours Brushed Stainless Steel housing, blue oilbox  
French Fries capacity 1.2 Kg  
Removable Bowl    
On/Off Switch    
Dishwasher safe - details Bowl, lid, frying basket and oilbox  
Instructions & Manual