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Cook4me is a multifunctional intelligent pressure cooker, helping  you make perfectly executed, quick and easy meals every day with its intuitive control panel.

With the Minut' cook electric pressure cooker prepare all kinds of meals and reduce time spent in the kitchen preparing meals! Test out a range of pressure cooker recipes with this easy to use kitchen appliance.             

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Smart Pressure Cookers

  • Cook4me Touch CY9128
    Cook4me Touch CY9128

    Daily inspiration at your fingertips

  • Cook4me+ Connect CY8558
    Cook4me+ Connect CY8558

    Fast. Easy. Full of ideas. Your connected cooking partner.

  • Cook4me+ CY8518
    Cook4me+ CY8518

    Fast. Easy....and full of ideas

  • Cook4Me+ Red CY8515
    Cook4Me+ Red CY8515

    The One-Touch Pressure Multicooker, Full of Ideas

  • Pressure Cookers

  • Home Chef Smart Multicooker CY601
    Home Chef Smart Multicooker CY601

    Countless recipes perfectly cooked, in no time!

  • Cook4me Accessories


    Instantly turn your Cook4me into an air fryer