TEFAL Tefal Soup & Co

Tefal Soup & Co Your powerful smart-blender for summer drinks and winter soups
  • 4 automatic programs.
  • Easy to clean thanks to detachable blades.

Tefal Soup & Co, versatile 2-in-1 cooking and chilling blender.

The Soup & Co is a versatile 2-in-1 cooking and chilling blender. The perfect blend, ideal for soups, smoothies, dip and more. With its automatic programs and its manual mode, Soup & Co makes preparing all your blended recipes easier. You can even adjust your own settings and create a personalized automatic program, just the way you want it. Perfect for one person or a family, prepare both small and big quantities, from 0.5L to 2L.  Double safety system on the lid and the bowl Stainless Steel bowl with NEW 1 piece Glass Lid 5-speed + pulse crushed ice function 4 removable stainless steel blades with 2 serrated edges Easy to use and easy to clean Large 2L capacity 4 Automatic programs for ease of use Smooth soup, Chunky Soup, Steam, Auto-clean Heating temperature : between 60 and 100 ° C Recipe book for soups, sauces, fruit purees and smoothies    
  • Soups, smoothies and much more!

    Easily prepare your fresh homemade recipes for hot and cold blending.

  • Save time in the kitchen

    Soup & Co cooks and mixes for you with its automatic programs: smooth soups in 30 minutes, chunky soups in 40 minutes, steam cooking in 30 minutes.

  • Make your own recipes

    Adjust your own settings through customizable programs (length and temperature).

  • Perfect blending

    Perfect mixing results thanks to 4 blades, including 2 serrated blades, as well as speed control, pulse and a crushed ice function.

  • Small or large quantities

    Make 2 to 8 bowls of soup or glasses of smoothies, thanks to a capacity of 0.5L to 2L!

  • Many possibilities

    The stainless steel basket allows you to steam-cook.

  • On-screen timer

    Follow the progress of your cooking with the on-screen timer and always enjoy your meals hot with the 40-minute keep-warm function.

Automatic programs    
Manual mode    
Pulse function    
Bowl material Stainless steel  
Mixing attachment Detachable stainless steel blade  
Ice crush function    
Steamer Yes, internal stainless steel basket  

Instructions & Manual
Frequent questions
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The heating system controls an electric filament heating resistor (it is not an induction heating system).
Our appliance complies with French/European standards in terms of radio frequency emission, including limiting human exposure to electromagnetic fields.
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