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A pinch of humour, a pinch of ingenuity, here we are!

We have come to know you so well (your life, your habits, the issues you face) that we can offer you ingenious solutions that are immediately recognised and welcomed. And now they seem essential in everyday life.

With Tefal, you can only go forward!


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 Our Commercials

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    ActiFry Express XL

    Hot chips air fried with less than 1 spoon of oil. Air fry and cook a variety of dishes from stir fries to risotto with the paddle that circulates your food for hands free cooking. 

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    Cook4me tv ad
    Tefal Cook4me

    Tefal Cook4Me Pressure Cooker - built in guided recipes, adjustable serving sizes and 65% recipes cooked in 12 minutes or less.

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    Tefal Thermospot Cookware

    Cook succulent and delicious meals with sealed in flavour thanks to Tefal's Thermo-spot® frying pans. Thermo-spot® turns a solid red when your pan is at the optimal temperature so you know when to start cooking.