Celebrating our French heritage: How to create a taste of France in your kitchen

France and the French culture are revered the world over, drawing tens of millions of visitors each year to enjoy famous attractions including the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre and the Moulin Rouge.

But if there’s one thing that stands out above all others when we think of France, it’s a culture of delicious food and wine. Croissants, baguettes, crepes, crème brulee, quiche, escargot, coq au vin and cassoulet are just some of the iconic foods and dishes that have helped take French cuisine to every corner of the globe.

France also boasts Bordeaux wines, exquisite champagnes and the most Michelin Star restaurants in the world. So perhaps it is no surprise that the home of ‘gastronomie’ (or the art of good eating), where every meal is a celebration, is also the birthplace of Tefal.

Over 65 years ago, a French engineer named Marc Gregoire invented the non-stick frypan to help his wife cook eggs without them sticking to the pan. This invention started a cookware revolution, and a culture of continuous innovation and stylish design was born

Today, we continue that legacy to produce cookware, kitchen appliances and garment care products to help you bring the most out of your everyday.

At Tefal, we are proud of our French heritage, and we are passionate about bringing a taste of France to kitchens all over the world, with products that help make it easy to prepare delicious meals that you can enjoy with family and friends.

Get a taste of France at home with these Tefal products, matched with delicious French-inspired recipes you can prepare in your kitchen with ease.  

i-Companion XL

Unleash your cooking creativity and prepare any French meal easily with this all-in-one heating food processor that feels like having your very own sous chef at home. Get perfect results every time for even the most delicate dishes and sides. Try this classic Bernaise sauce recipe for the perfect accompaniment to a beautifully seared steak or start your French feast with a traditional French onion soup


Get a handle on your cooking with our range of stackable non-stick cookware featuring innovative removable handles for effortless switching from the stove to oven, to the table or the fridge. Once you’re done cooking, they easily stack to save space in your kitchen cupboards.
Use the Ingenio range to prepare delicious French fare like this Beetroot and Red Onion Tarte Tatin recipe by Chef Adrian Richardson. Or try our Brand Ambassador, Lorena Lys’ Quiche Lorraine that you can prepare and cook in less than an hour.  

Unlimited Cookware

This cookware range is ready to take on extreme conditions in the kitchen with our Titanium anti-scratch coating, offering outstanding non-stick durability that can even withstand metal utensils. The extra thick Thermo-FusionTM+ base will take your cooking performance and results to a whole new level.

The Unlimited range is ideal to prepare dishes like Justine Schofield's Braised Duck Legs with Porcini and Peppercorn Sauce.  

While French cooking can seem daunting and complicated, all you really need is fresh and seasonal local produce and the right kitchen tools to prepare and cook them simply, and with care.

With all that said, get cooking with a taste of France at home with Tefal. Bon appétit!