Classic French desserts you can master at home

France is famous for many things, drawing tourists from all over the world to explore the history and beauty of this wonderful country. And of course, visitors also enjoy the famous French cuisine and rich gastronomic culture with food and wine revered the world over.

France is also the birthplace of Tefal, established when a French engineer invented a non-stick frypan to prevent his eggs from sticking to the pan. From these humble beginnings Tefal has become the world’s most popular brand of cookware and kitchen appliances, proudly bringing a taste of France to kitchens all over the world.

Tefal cookware is the perfect choice to prepare wonderful, classic French desserts to delight your family and friends after a lovingly prepared meal. Try cooking one of these desserts to help celebrate Bastille Day, France’s most famous national holiday that falls on July 14.

Creme brulee

A dish that dates back hundreds of years, crème brulee literally means ‘burnt cream’ in French, a reference to the hardened shell that protects a rich custard base. This dish is deceptively easy to make and can be prepared and cooked in under an hour. And don’t worry if there isn’t a blowtorch handy to caramelise the top, you can get the same result under the grill.


These tasty, sweet and bite-sized cream puffs can be filled with whipped cream, custard or pastry cream. This recipe uses vanilla ice cream which is perfectly complemented by a rich, hot chocolate sauce. To get the best results, use the exact ingredients specified in the recipe. Profiteroles aren’t the easiest dessert to make at home, but it will be well worth the effort when you serve them up to delighted guests.

Pear Clafoutis

For a mouth-watering and fruity French dessert, you can’t go past clafoutis. It’s like a flan, pancake and soufflé all in one. It has the texture of thick custard or pudding and the baked pieces of fruit will melt in your mouth. This recipe uses pears, but you can choose from a range of seasonal fruits when you make clafoutis at home.


Arguably the most famous of French desserts, crepes are thinner and crispier than pancakes. And because they don’t use baking powder, they are less dense, contain fewer calories and are lower in fat. Best of all they are very easy to make and can be on the table within 10 minutes.

Vanilla eclairs

Eclairs are made using the same dough as profiteroles, piped into a longer, oblong shape and offering a more substantial eating experience. Typically, eclairs are filled with custard, but this recipe uses a delicious vanilla cream for filling. Sprinkle with powdered sugar or drizzle with chocolate sauce.

Enjoy these delicious French desserts made with Tefal cookware to delight your guests when you are entertaining at home. Bon appetit!

Get great tasting results every time with Tefal cookware

Tefal cookware helps make life easier and tastier, ensuring you get great results in the kitchen when you prepare these tasty desserts. Try these cookware ranges that offer versatility, durability and a simplified, more enjoyable cooking experience.

Ingenio Ultimate Cookware Set

Make it easy to cook classic French desserts at home with this stackable high-quality cookware that has a removable handle for versatility and effortless movement from the stove to the oven to the table to the fridge. One handle switches between various pots and pans to make cooking easier – and once you’re done cooking, they easily stack to save space in your kitchen cupboards. Choose from the Ingenio Ultimate Induction 12-piece set or the Ingenio Unlimited Induction Non-Stick 13-piece set (which includes an extra saucepan). The Ingenio range of pots and pans, along with the handles, are made with care in France, in the heart of Haute-Savoie in Rumilly.


Tefal Eco Respect is the perfect choice for the environmentally-conscious home cook to prepare these French dessert recipes. Made in France, from 100% recycled aluminium, it reduces energy use by up to 90% (compared to extracting new aluminium), while providing uncompromising, high-quality, non-stick cooking performance. This versatile and easy-to-use range of cookware is durable for daily cooking, features THERMO-SIGNAL so you know when it is ready to cook, and is easy-to-clean inside and out.

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