Japanese Cheesecake

Japanese Cheesecake
Serves: 6
Prep time: 10 mins
Cook time: 45 mins


  • 4 eggs, separated
  • 1 can condensed milk
  • 250g cream cheese


  1. Beat the egg whites until stiff peaks form and set aside
  2. Beat the softened cream cheese and the egg yolks until thoroughly mixed and then beat in the condensed milk
  3. Gently fold in the mixture into the egg whites
  4. Pour into the lined cake tin of the Tefal Air Fryer accessory pack
  5. Remove the plates from the air fryer
  6. Insert the cake tin into the basket and add 500ml boiling water to the basket. The water should fill the basket ½ way up the sides of the cake tin
  7. Set to “Air Fry” at 170 ̊C for 45 minutes
  8. Once cooked, allow to cool and gently remove from the tin and serve