Why steaming is the new air frying

Why steaming is the new air frying

The air fryer is undoubtedly the hero kitchen appliance of the last few years. Compact and powerful, air fryers have made it easy to fry at home without the mess and fuss of using oil. And by using a combination of temperature control and hot air flow technology, air fryers make food extra crispy with little to no added oil, making them a healthier option for daily cooking.

But when it comes to healthy cooking at home, often times we want the versatility to prepare a range of dishes. The good news is we now have 3-in-1 appliances that air fries, grills and steams, for the ultimate choice in cooking methods depending on your mood or the occasion.

The best of both worlds (well, three actually)

Meet the most versatile kitchen appliance that brings three technologies together in a single, space-saving solution. The Tefal Easy Fry Grill & Steam XXL does it all, from air frying with little to no oil, healthy steaming and flawless grilling. And with its 6.5L capacity, you can easily cook for up to eight people.

Still not convinced? Here’s five great reasons to add steaming to your repertoire in the kitchen

1. It’s the healthiest way to cook

Steaming helps all kinds of food retain their healthy goodness by locking in vitamins, minerals and nutrients that can be lost using other cooking methods. And of course, steaming is the ideal way to avoid cooking with fats and oils if you're trying to reduce your intake.

2. Lock in the taste and flavour

Steaming is a gentler cooking method because there is no direct contact with hot water or extreme heat. Boiling water can dilute flavour, while steaming has the opposite effect, locking in flavour and helping your food remain moist and retain its colour, shape and texture. So steamed food not only tastes delicious, but also looks great when served.

3. Steaming is quick and easy

There’s really not a lot to think about when you steam your food. After preparing your ingredients, simply pop them in the appliance and let the steam work its magic. No need to constantly check or monitor for burning or boiling over, just set the timer and relax. And while it’s not impossible to overcook food in a steamer, it’s less likely than harsher cooking methods, making steaming ideal for delicate types of food (such as seafood) and less confident home cooks.

4. A healthier budget and planet

Steaming is a very efficient way to cook, requiring less energy. Food starts to cook almost instantly without onerous pre-heating of oven, grill or hot water, and food is cooked quickly reducing the amount of time the appliance is turned on. And using a double steamer (stacked) means you can halve the cooking time and cook far more efficiently.

5. Steam for an easy clean

There’s nothing worse than lovingly preparing a delicious meal and being faced with a huge mess in the kitchen afterwards. You can steam an entire meal (meat, veggies and rice for example) using one appliance. No oils, fats, smoke or mess, and no extra pots, pans or utensils to scrub and clean.

No need to compromise, do it all with one appliance

Innovative kitchen appliances that bring the best of different cooking methods together let you enjoy endless options for healthy home cooking. Tefal is leading the way with a range of models to suit all your need, whether that means air fry, steam and grill, dual zone cooking or a capacity to roast a whole chicken.

Tefal Easy Fry Grill and Steam XXL 3-in-1 Air Fryer FW2018

Building up a head of steam

When most people think of steaming, they think of steamed veggies, but there is so much more you can do with a steamer! You can steam poultry, seafood, fruits and desserts to name a few. Here’s a handful of recipes to inspire you to take your steaming to a whole new level:

Steamed prawn wonton
Fish parcels
Prawn and broccoli

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