Hard Titanium+

Hard Titanium+ Hard Titanium+ lasts up to 3 times longer Hard Titanium+ is extra-durable for everyday cooking
Thanks to its exclusive Titanium hard base, Tefal HARD Titanium+ frypan offers unmatched durability and resistance for all types of cooking, every day. It is specially designed to make generous cooking easy. Perfect for guests or the whole family.

Hard Titanium+: The extra durable cookware Featuring a reinforced coating with an exclusive Titanium hard base, this highly durable, non-stick range lasts up to three times longer*. Designed for intensive use, the pan is highly resistant to all types of utensils and to the most extreme types of cooking, maintaining its non-stick performance year after year. Its deep shape and non-stick exterior coating are very convenient for everyday and intensive use. Rounding it all off is Tefal's new Thermo-Spot® temperature indicator, ensuring perfectly cooked and seared food, full of flavour. Compatible with all stovetops including induction. *Titanium Excellence lasts up to three times longer than Tefal® Titanium Force TITANIUM EXCELLENCE coating lasts 3x longer than Tefal® TITANIUM FORCE coating *Titanium Excellence coating lasts up to 3X longer than Tefal Titanium Force

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