Jamie Oliver Premium Hard Anodised

Jamie Oliver Premium Hard Anodised

Hard-wearing aluminium meets with durability for superior cooking experience

Expertly crafted from hard anodised aluminium, these resilient pans provide a premium cooking experience.

Their solid aluminium core offers superior heat distribution for even cooking and the ultra-durable non-stick coating is reinforced with titanium particles so you can rely on them time and time again.

Suitable for all hobs, including induction, the signature Thermo-Spot technology shows when the pans are at optimum cooking temperature for outstanding results. The silicone insert in the handle provides a comfortable and secure grip and they’re dishwasher safe, too.

Range includes:
  • Frying Pan 24cm
  • Frying Pan 26cm
  • Frying Pan 28cm
  • Frying Pan 30cm
  • Saucepan 18cm
  • Saucepan 20cm
  • Wokpan 30cm
  • Shallow Pan 30cm
  • Breakfast Pan 25cm x 30cm
  • Stewpot 24cm
  • Saute Pan 26cm
  • Twin Pack FP24 & FP 28
  • 3 Piece Set
  • 5 Piece Set including Sautepan
  • 5 Piece Set including Pot Roast pan
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