Pineapple Ravioli

Pineapple Ravioli


  • 4

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  • Cheap


  • Easy


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  • 2 bananas, thinly sliced
  • 50 ml rum
  • 1 pinch Chinese five-spice powder
  • 20 g brown sugar
  • 16 very thin slices fresh pineapples (small size diameter), peeled & cored
  • 10 ml (2 teaspoons) vanilla essence
  • 80 g plain chocolate chips


Marinate the bananas in a mixture of the rum, spices and brown sugar. Prepare the raviolis, allowing 2 pineapple ravioli per person. Lay out a circle of overlapping banana slices between each slice of pineapple, sprinkling with chocolate chips and topping off with a final pineapple slice. Drizzle with the rum marinade.

Steam for 15 minutes with the starter and the main dish.

Serve in a shallow bowl covered with the marinade.