Tefal launches a new powerful iron

Tefal, No.1 in Linen Care innovates with the new TurboPro,
our most powerful iron yet.

With optimal steam distribution and superior glide, TurboPro steam iron is designed to power through large piles of ironing in no time.

Combining great steam power and effortless glide, it will deliver the best ironing experience for efficient ironing and great garment care.

Fast & Powerful

Great steam power is needed in order to eliminate creases and wrinkles in a single stroke. TurboBoost is the first exclusive technology that produces and propels an impressive steam jet deep into the fabric at a very high speed.

Turbo Boost

Its steam boost can go from 190g/min up to 220g/min depending on models.

Visibly more


Optimal glide and homogeneous steam distribution are key to an effective and easy experience.
33 years ago, Tefal created the Durilium technology, a unique enamel soleplate, that ensures a better performance than ceramic soleplates.
In 2017, Tefal launches Durilium Airglide Autoclean with an exceptional 33% improvement in glideability.

Durilium Airglide Autoclean

Durilium® Airglide Autoclean Soleplate:
No.1 in glide*

Durilium® Airglide Soleplate gives you 33% extra glide
for effortless ironing.
+ Glazed with Autoclean catalytic coating.

*Compared to other Tefal soleplates via external testing.

33% improvement in glideability*

Comparative glideability tests.

*Compared to previous Durilium generation.

Durlium Airglide Autoclean Innovations

Thin and smooth, it encounters zero resistance and offers easy crease removal.
The lines are directly embedded into the soleplate for a smooth surface, and the new design is uniquely thin with a pointed tip for hard to reach areas like buttons.

No dirt and no maintenance required.
The soleplate is coated with palladium which enables the oven-like pyrolisis Autoclean feature.

Homogeneous steam distribution.
Tefal’s two-part construction process enables the iron to successfully distribute steam to the whole surface so that all its holes are active.

Steam Power

Ensuring long lasting steam power and excellent durability is now possible thanks to Tefal’s removable Calc Collector.

3 easy steps prevent the build-up of limescale in the steam chamber:
simply take the calc collector located at the back of the chamber out, rinse it and put it back.

Smart technology sets the optimal
temperature and steam

Fast and efficient ironing in every session,
with superb results.

Horizontal steaming                         Vertical steaming

Anti drip for spotless linen

With anti drip function, prevent water
from staining your linen.

Precision tip for added performance

Navigate like a pro for hard to reach places.

Direct your iron with high precision and never miss a single crease.
Glide between zips easily with a scratch resistant soleplate.
Iron in between buttons easily.

Easy to fill water tank

Filling hole is designed for an easy refill.

Energy saving

Eco setting cuts 20% of your energy consumption.

*As compared to energy consumption at maximum output.

Choose your

Our high efficiency steam range gives you the ammo you need
to take on stubborn creases