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Best Garment Hacks to Look and Feel Your Best – Reimagining Linen Care 

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The rise of working from home has had a major impact on our wardrobes and how we dress. Virtual meetings mean many of us dress newsreader style – that is, professional up top and pyjamas or active wear down below, while our party outfits languished in our wardrobes.

As we embrace heading back to the office and getting out and about socialising on evenings and weekends, we want it to be as easy as possible to dress well while taking the best possible care of our clothes. Part of that is to reimagine linen care, to make it easy and fast to look our best every time we step outside the house.

You don’t need to spend hours cleaning and pressing your clothes, or spend valuable time and money going to the dry cleaners every few days. At Tefal, we’ve spent a lot of time reimagining linen care, researching and developing our range of linen care solutions so you can always look and feel your best, while improving the wearability and longevity of your clothes.

Here’s the ultimate guide on how to look after all types of clothing, while saving valuable time and effort.

Business or Professional Garments

It is important to care for your business or professional clothing well in order to prolong their working lives. To retain the colour and shape of business shirts, turn them inside out and wash in cold or lukewarm water (which also reduces electricity use).

Once they are washed, give them a good shake and immediately put them on hangers, which is a smart way to prevent wrinkles from forming. To get them looking professionally pressed in the comfort of your home, use a steam generator such as the Tefal Pro Express Ultimate GV9543 which uses high pressure steam to deliver beautiful, crisp results with unparalleled pressing power. The Tefal IXEO Power QT2020 is another option to make garment care efficient and enjoyable.

Delicate Garments

Clothing that is made from fabrics such as silk, linen, chiffon and lace, and items that include embellishments and embroidery, tend to be sensitive to heat, excessive spinning, and harsh chemicals and detergents.

Wash these delicate clothing items in cold water either by hand or on a delicate cycle and try to avoid dry cleaners as they often use solvents and chemicals to mask odours and stiffen fabrics.

Save time and your valuable clothes by steaming at home. Options include the Tefal Access Steam Care DT9120 handheld steamer which provides exceptional steaming and comes with a vertical board to make steaming a breeze. For those looking for the ultimate garment care experience, our top pick is the Tefal IXEO Power QT2020, the award-winning iron, steamer and sanitiser solution. Steam cleaning does more than remove wrinkles – it also removes odours, kills 99.9% of viruses, bacteria, and germs*, while being extra gentle on your delicate garments using water and no physical contact with your clothes.

Everyday Garments

Don’t forget those everyday cotton clothing items including t-shirts, polo shirts, cargo shorts, skirts and dresses. Often neglected when it comes to linen care, there’s an easy way to care for these clothes to help maintain them and keep them looking their best. After washing and hanging to dry, a quick steam using a product such as the versatile Tefal Pure TEX DT9540 will make a world of difference. It even includes a fragrance dispenser so you can diffuse your favourite essential oils.  

You can use these linen care solutions for all textiles and fabrics around your home. It’s easy to steam, sanitise and freshen up all types of linen and fabrics including your couch, curtains, bedding and pillows.  

As the world returns to some kind of normal, and you venture out again to work and play, reimagine how you care for your clothes and keep them looking clean and neat. Our range of linen care solutions will help you look your best, protect your clothes and let you spend more time doing the things you love. Because if we’ve learnt anything over the past couple of years, it is that time really is precious.

*Tests carried out by an external laboratory, according to the standard NFT72-110, September 2020


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