Cook4Me Accessories - Frequently Asked Questions

Cook4Me Accessories - Frequently Asked Questions

What are the available Cook4Me accessories?

Cook4me Touch has several accessories available for purchase: Carry bag, spare bowl, lid, cake pan, glass ramekins, and of course the Extra Crisp Lid Accessory.


Can my bowl be used in all models? 

All non-Touch models have compatible bowls. 

The Touch model has its own bowl which is not compatible with the other models. 

Can my bowl be washed in the dishwasher? 

The bowl can be washed in the dishwasher as it is safe to be immersed. However, some detergent products contain elements that are more or less aggressive to metals. This grey residue is the reaction of the metal with the product. 

We recommend liquid or gel detergents, which are softer. 

The outside of the bowl shows discolouration or traces of mineral deposit after dishwashing. 

The coating of the bowl is not altered. 

To restore the original appearance: using a sponge and a mixture of hot water and white vinegar, clean and then rinse the bowl thoroughly. 

Our advice: for greater satisfaction over time of your bowl, we recommend manual washing with a mild detergent. 


Steam basket

How to assemble the steam basket? 

Turn your basket over, take the metal rod in one hand and squeeze lightly to clip it to the basket. 


Cake pan

Where should the cake pan be placed? 

The cake pan is placed in the steaming basket in the pot. 

Does the cake pan always have to be covered? 

No, the cake pan does not need to be covered with baking paper or foil unless specified in the recipe. See more tips about the Cook4me cake pan accessory here. 



What is the capacity of the jars?  

100 ml each 

Do all 6 jars fit in the steamer basket to be cooked together at the same time? 

Yes, you can place 4 jars underneath and 2 jars on top. They can also be placed in the steam basket. 

Make sure you always add 250ml of water. 

Be careful to place the two upper jars towards the front to prevent them from overturning or hindering the lid from closing. 


Where can I buy Cook4me accessories? 

Selected accessories are carried by some of our retailers or visit 

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