Tefal IXEO Plus All-in-One Garment Care Solution QT1510

The All-in-One ironing and steaming solution

The Tefal IXEO Plus All-in-One full-size iron steamer station is an innovative garment care solution offering high-efficiency steaming and ironing—all without any need of an ironing board. The built-in three-position Smart Board offers comfortable upright, horizontal and 30° ironing with enhanced ergonomics, with sanitising steam power that kills up to 99.99% of bacteria. Discover a game-changing system enhanced micro boiler steam technology to meet all your garment care needs.

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Product Description

The All-in-One Ironing and Steaming Solution​

​Bringing together advanced technology with the pure convenience of the Smart Board system, the Tefal IXEO Plus offers an exceptional full-size all-in-one garment care solution. Whether it's intensive ironing or last-minute touch-ups, tackle all your ironing and steaming with total efficiency and ease thanks to innovative technology that puts cutting-edge steam power at your fingertips. Hygiene and freshness are made effortless with garment care that refreshes, sanitises and reduces odours as it steams, killing up to 99.99% of bacteria.* The built-in three-position Smart Board offers comfortable upright, horizontal and 30° ironing with enhanced ergonomics. The easy iron head boasts a feather-light user experience with optimum ergonomics, in a format that's up to twice as light as a standard steam iron.** Ready in just 70 seconds and boasting a wide range of features, IXEO Plus is a full garment care revolution.​

  • ALL-IN-ONE GARMENT CARE: Experience all the benefits of a steam iron and steamer in one innovative device, with a built-in vertical 3-position board for total efficiency and enhanced ergonomics ​
  • INNOVATIVE AND CONVENIENT: The patented design of the 3-position Smart Board offers three different upright and inclined positions for high-quality results without the need for an ironing board ​
  • HIGH-EFFICIENCY WRINKLE REMOVAL: Powered by advanced Twin Boiler technology, offering a continuous steam output up to 35 g/min, steam boost up to 90 g/min, up to 5 bars pump pressure ​
  • ULTRA LIGHTWEIGHT: Total garment care at only 530 grams, for a convenient device that's twice as light as a standard steam iron** ​
  • EASY MAINTENANCE: Built-in calc management system with no manual descaling needed ​
  • TOTAL HYGIENE: Steam power refreshes and sanitises, killing up to 99.99% of bacteria* for healthy and safe garment care ​
  • REDUCES ODOURS: High-quality steam power that freshens and reduces odours for perfect hygiene ​
  • EASY TO USE: A smart system with collapsible poles for adjustable height, for easier garment care in total comfort ​
  • WHAT'S IN THE BOX: IXEO Plus 3-position board, IXEO Plus steam unit, fabric brush, hanger hook​

*Tests carried out by external laboratory, according to the standard NFT72-110; Sept 20 ​

** Compared to Tefal FV5648 iron

Product Features

Total comfort and ease

A game-changing garment care solution for all your ironing and steaming needs—whether intensive or last-minute—with the innovative 3-position Smart Board, enhanced ergonomics and advanced technology.

Exceptional wrinkle removal

Innovative Twin Boiler technology comes together with 5-bar pump pressure, a continuous steam output up to 35 g/minute and a steam boost up to 90 g/minute for high-efficiency results.

Ultra-light smart head

A streamlined lightweight design with enhanced ergonomics, offering a smooth and easy head that's up to twice as a light as a standard steam iron at only 530 grams.

Refreshes and sanitises

The intense power of steam kills up to 99.99% of bacteria and germs, refreshing and removing odours as it steams, for fresh garments and perfect hygiene.

Convenient smart removable base

For full flexibility and convenience, the removable base allows you to refresh anytime and anywhere, for use on curtains, furniture, and more.

Rapid and convenient heat-up time

Your All-in-one steam solution is up and running in around 70 seconds, for performance that's ready in a flash, perfect for everyday use and last-minute touch-ups.

Smart Protect technology

Benefit from an advanced garment care system that is safe to use on your entire wardrobe even the most delicate, such as silk, with a technology requiring no settings.

No need for maintenance

Enjoy long-lasting performance and results you can count on day after day, with a built-in calc management system ensuring full protection and maintenance.

Precision tip

Enjoy smooth and easy ironing for every last inch of your clothing, with the precision tip offering access to tricky areas like collars and seams

Versatile and easy garment

Whether it's last-minute touch-ups or intensive ironing, tackle all your garment care with total comfort and ease thanks to a well-crafted design with collapsible poles to adjust height.

Easy transportation

Thanks to small wheels under the iron steamer station, transportation is made easy, for garment care that covers your entire home.

Convenient thanks to included accessories

Select models include handy accessories like the fabric brush, designed for thick fabrics, and a removable hanger to simplify your steaming sessions.