Cook4me+ App's New Recipe Creation Feature: Create & Upload your own Favourite Recipes!

Be a part of the Cook4Me community and inspire others by sharing your recipes
on the Cook4Me app with the new recipe creation feature! Get inspired to cook
with the hundreds of recipes on the app.

How do I create the recipe?


  • Launch the Cook4me app
  • Go to the “Search” tab which can be found at the bottom menu, and then click on the Search bar at the top to view the recipes
  • Select the red box that says "Want to share your favourite recipes?"
  • Follow all the steps (and tips!) to create the recipe
  • Wait for email notification on recipe status


What happens after I submit my recipe?

Recipes submitted are validated within two (2) days by our team of recipe moderators. An email notification will be sent out once the recipe is approved, partially rejected or rejected.

Here are a few tips to ensure the recipe gets approved:

  • Recipe title must not be the same as existing recipes
  • Recipe photos must be clear and original
  • Step-by-step instructions are clear

Where do I find the recipes in the app once it has been created?

All created recipes are stored in "My Creations". To locate "My Creations", launch the Cook4me app and select “My Universe” found at the bottom menu.

How can I share recipes to my family and friends?

Launch the recipe on the app and click the upload icon found in the upper right corner (the box with the arrow pointing up)

How can I tell who created the recipe?

Each recipe will have the recipe creators name. There is a filter that shows all the community recipes, too!

Are you ready to share your recipes? Visit our next blog for the Step-by-step guide here.

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