Cook4me+ Connect - Compatibility and Connectivity

Cook4me+ Connect - Compatibility and Connectivity


Which tablet or smartphone version is compatible with my product?

You will find a list of compatible devices here: Compatibility list 


I can't access the Internet on my tablet or smartphone in the kitchen

An Internet connection is required only to download and update the application, and sign in to my account. 

An Internet connection is not needed to use the connected feature of your product. There is no need to move your product closer to the access point (Internet router). 


Where should I put my appliance to achieve the best connection?

Place your appliance on a flat, stable surface. For the best connection between your appliance and smartphone/tablet, we recommend performing all operations requiring a connection at a sensible distance. 

If the connection is lost (connection symbol crossed out), move your device closer until the connection is re-established. 

If the connection indicator is lit (app or product), your devices are connected. 


The blue light is not flashing and I can't connect

Another smartphone or tablet is already connected to the Cook4me. In this case, you need to disconnect it by closing the application or pressing "connected" in the top right corner of the application. 

Once the Cook4me's blue light starts flashing, you will be able to connect your device. 


My device is paired incorrectly, or I can't pair my device

You can restart the operation by going to the "My Account" menu, then select "Identify my device" and follow the instructions on the screen. 

  • Note: Bluetooth must be enabled on your tablet or smartphone to complete pairing. 

For Android smartphones or tablets, it is necessary to have the latest version of the system installed. 

  • To check your version, go to: "Settings" > "About" > "System Update". 

To pair your device with Android: 

  • Get closer to your device. 
  • When a message appears on the screen of your device, validate the connection request by pressing OK. 

Depending on the model of your Android smartphone or tablet, 3 types of messages are possible: 

  • Auto-match: there is no need for validation, your device will connect automatically. 
  • The message "Bluetooth connection request" will appear on your screen: simply click on "CONNECT", there is no need to enter a passcode. 
  • A notification appear at the top of your screen: drag the screen down then click on the notification to display the message "Bluetooth connection request". Then click on "CONNECT", there is no need to enter a passcode. 
  • Press the OK button on your device again.
  • A final message confirms that the connection is successful: your device is now connected! 


I can't connect my tablet or smartphone to my device

  1. Check that your tablet or smartphone is compatible (see compatibility FAQ).
  2. Check that Bluetooth is enabled on your tablet or smartphone.
  3. Check that your device has the "connect" feature and ensure it is activated, as follows: 
    • Go to the "Settings" menu 
    • Select the "Connect" menu. If you do not see a "Connect" menu, this means that your device is not equipped with the "Connect" option and it therefore cannot be connected to a tablet or smartphone. 
    • Select "ON" 
  4. If you have already paired your tablet or smartphone to your device, the connection will be made automatically. 

If not, please refer to the FAQ "How do I pair my app to the device?"


What does the blue light on my product mean?

The blue light means that your device is a "Connect" model that can be connected to a tablet or a smartphone via the app. 

  • The light is flashing: the device is not connected to a tablet or smartphone. 
  • The light is not flashing: the device is connected to a tablet or smartphone. 
  • The light is off: the product's "connect" feature is disabled. 


Why is the blue light not on? 

This means that the product's "connect" feature is deactivated. To reactivate it: 
  1. Go to the "settings" menu 
  2. Select the "Connect" menu 
  3. Select "ON" 


What happens if the connection is lost during a recipe?

If the connection between your appliance and smartphone/tablet is lost during a recipe, the two devices will be automatically synchronized as soon as the connection is re-established. 

You will be able to resume your recipe at the step you were on when the connection was lost. 


Does Bluetooth have to be constantly activated on my smartphone?

Bluetooth must be enabled to synchronize the application with the device and throughout the recipe (if you are following it from your phone). 


Can my appliance be used with more than one smartphone or tablet?

If you wish, you can pair multiple devices as long as you only use one account on your app. 

To do so, pair each device independently. However, only one device can be connected at a time. 


How do I download a recipe from the app to the device?

To download a recipe, you just need to launch the step-by-step process of this one while being connected to your device. 

A "Recipe download in progress" notification should appear and the download of the recipe from the device will begin. 

Once the download is complete, the step-by-step will start in synchronization with your device. 


Is it possible to upload a recipe shared by the community to the device?

Recipes shared by users cannot be uploaded to your device.  However, they can be made in manual mode by following the step-by-step instructions from the app. 

However, a selection of the most popular recipes from the community are converted by the brand to make them transferable/downloadable to your device. Feel free to rate/comment on your favorite recipes in order to give them a better chance of becoming connected! 


How do I download a pack to the device?

On some recipes, a small book and a pack name are present. This means that the recipe you have selected is part of a pack. 

To download this pack, simply select the pack name. Click on "Download the pack" at the bottom of the screen. 


How do I pair my app to the device?

When you turn on your device, the blue light flashes (waiting for connection) unless you have manually disabled the connect function. 

When using your device for the first time, pair it with your tablet/smartphone by following the instructions on your screens, for example, when you step through a recipe. 

Alternatively, you can press the central button of the app (central menu icon), then the Bluetooth icon that appears, and follow the instructions on the screen. 


I've tried everything but I can't connect anymore

  1. First try turning your phone's Bluetooth signal off and on again by going through your phone settings or the shortcut bar (top of the phone on Android, bottom on iOS) then return to the app and repeat the pairing operations.
  2. If this is not working, you can try turning off and on your phone or tablet and then restart the app and pairing again. 
  3. If the above steps have not been successful, then you will need to disconnect your device from your tablet/mobile
    • On Android: Go to Settings on your smartphone, then go to Connections, Bluetooth. If you find a device labeled "Blue Cookeo" there, press the wheel and click "Dissociate". 
    • On iOS: Go to Settings on your smartphone, then to Bluetooth. Make sure that the Bluetooth on your iPhone/iPad is enabled. If you find in "My Devices" a device named "Blue Cookeo", press "i" then "Forget this device". 
  4. Reset your device's Bluetooth pairing table: 
    • Turn off your device. 
    • Press the back button on your device while turning it on.
    • When starting the device, quickly press the OK button 5 times while holding down the back button. 
    • A "Enter Code" white screen appears, use the wheel to enter the code 8127 (by pressing OK between each digit).
    • Turn the device off. 
    • Switch the device back on and try to pair it again with the tablet or mobile phone. 

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