Sanitise your home with the best companion!

Sanitise your home with the best companion!

Cleaning and sanitising all areas of life has never been more important, with more time inside and transmission of germs on everyone's mind there are a few simple steps you can take to kill bacteria and make your living space a little more clean.

While hard surfaces can be taken care of with detergent and disinfectant sprays and a cloth, soft furnishings, drapery and bedding are a little different, but with your linen care items around the home you can also sanitise the comfy surfaces and spaces. In fact the powerful heat and steam produced by your steam generator and garment steamers can kill up to 99.99% of germs and bacteria!


Tips for steaming & sanitising with a garment steamer

Make sure to hold your steamer 10cms away from delicate fabrics and ensure you keep your steam head moving to avoid over saturating fabrics.

  • Let your items dry after steaming before returning them to their home, this is particularly important in humid areas.
  • Many of our handheld steamers and garment steamers come with accessories to assist with steaming fabrics. Check your manual for specific instructions related to these items.

    IXEO All-in-One Garment care solution: the perfect weapon to fight wrinkles and bacterias!


    There's a reason we call our IXEO the Ultimate Styling and Sanitising companion, not only does it dewrinkle and iron with its adjustable Smartboard, it also has a tank which can be detached from the base unit to be used as a portable steamer and sanitizing machine around the home.


    Have a look below on how to iron your curtains with IXEO:

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