Tefal Virtuoso Induction Stainless Steel 4pc Set

Built to last​

The Tefal Virtuoso set of pots & pans offers years of exceptional results, with high-quality materials and robust design that are built to last. Discover your new go-to non stick pan: choice cuts of meat seared to perfection—crispy on the outside and perfectly tender inside—as well as the ideal frying pan for healthier dishes like tuna steaks or omelets. Engineered with durable materials and protected by a 10-year guarantee, this exceptional stainless steel set of pots and pans ensures long-lasting performance you can rely on for all your cooking needs, with enhanced features designed to produce generous and delicious meals day after day.

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Product Description

  • 10-YEAR GUARANTEE STAINLESS-STEEL : Ensuring long-lasting performance and reliability, discover a premium-quality product with robust design that's built to last.
  • ROBUST: Perfect stability thanks to the extra-resistant riveted stainless steel handle, sturdy and reliable
  • PERFECT CULINARY RESULTS : The induction base guarantees even cooking and tasty meals
  • MEASURING MARKS : To ensure perfect results every time
  • GLASS LID : For perfect monitoring
  • EXTREMELY RESILIENT NON-STICK COATING : Delivers non-stick performance up to 3 times longer than Tefal standard coating
  • 100% TESTED SAFE NON-STICK COATING : Safe non stick,  no PFOA, no Lead, no Cadmium. Stricter controls than those required by current food contact regulations for each new ranges. No lead no cadmium (no Pb no Cd) means no intentional addition of Pb and Cd in the coatings. No migration above detection threshold.
  • HEAT INDICATOR : THERMO-SIGNAL™ changes color when it's time to start cooking for perfect searing
  • HOBS COMPATIBILITY : Compatible with gas, electric, ceramic and induction hobs
  • WORLD #1: With Tefal, World #1 in cookware, enjoy delicious results every day. Source : Euromonitor International Limited, Home and Garden 2019 edition, brand retail value RSP, 2018 data.


This Tefal Virtuoso Induction Stainless Steel 4pc Set includes:

  • Frypans 20/28cm
  • Saucepan 18cm + Lid
  • Stewpot 24cm + Lid

Product Features

Extremely resilient coating

​Tefal's new coating ensures non-stick performance that lasts up to 3 times longer* thanks to its strengthened surface with Titanium particles (on frypans only)​

*Compared to Tefal Titanium standard​

Thermo-Signal™ technology for easier cooking

THERMO-SIGNAL™ technology indicates the ideal starting cooking temperature to guarantee perfect texture, colour and taste (on frypans only)​

Thermo-Fusion™ Integral

The extra-thick, high-impact bonded base prevents deformation over time, guaranteeing even heat diffusion for delicious, homogenously cooked results.​

Suitable for all hobs including induction

Compatible with all stovetops, including induction (gas, electric, ceramic, induction), for total versatility.​

Premium quality stainless steel: 10-year guarantee

Master the art of cooking with peace of mind, thanks to a 10-year warranty covering the very best in rust-proof stainless steel and expert manufacturing, for maximum robustness, durability and cooking pleasure with no risk of damage over time.​

Easy to use and clean

The high-quality Titanium non-stick coating is extra durable and resistant, thanks to an ultra-reinforced mineral layer and a protective coating enhanced with titanium particles.​

Brushed finish​

The elegant brushed finish adds a refined touch to your kitchen.​

Glass lid

Monitor your cooking with ease, thanks to the elegant glass lid. (on saucepan and stewpots only)​

Accurate cooking with total ease

Highly-precise integrated measuring marks (on saucepan and stewpots only) offer accurate cooking with total ease and convenience.​

Peace of mind

0% PFOA, 0% lead, 0% cadmium*

*Stricter controls than those required by current food contact regulations. No lead no cadmium (no Pb no Cd)means no intentional addition of Pb and Cd in the coatings. No migration at a level of 0.005 mg/kg.​