SPECIALTY HARD ANODISED The Tefal Hard Anodised range Superior quality cookware for long lasting cooking performance    
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    Hard Anodised cookware for long-lasting durability

    • Professional hard anodised exterior for exceptional durability
    • Prometal non-stick interior for easy food release
    • Riveted soft touch handles with stainless steel insert
    • dishwasher safe


  • PROMETAL non-stick coating

    Prometal interior is exceptionally durable and scratched resistant. Metal utensil safe.

  • Tefal: cooking healthy, thinking eco-friendly

    100% safe non-stick coating

  • Hobs compatibility

    Compatible with gaz, electric, and ceramic 

  • Hobs compatibility

    Compatible with gas, electric, and ceramic 

  • Riveted soft touch handles with Stainless steel insert

    The soft touch handles with stainless steel insert are unbreakable, long lasting and oven safe 

  • Hard Anodised exterior: hard wearing and robust

    Resistant and long-lasting hard anodised exterior. Constructed from aluminium undergoing an electro-chemical process making the external surface particularly hard and giving to it a brushed grey finish. 


    Thermo-Spot turns full red when the sautepan has reached the ideal temperature for perfect searing. 

    It guarantees:

    • Perfect texture,
    • Perfect color, 
    • Perfect flavor,

    for delicious full-flavoured meals everyday. 

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