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Tefal steam iron stations are the ultimate home ironing system that makes it easier than ever before to get professional results at home. Also known as steam generators, these powerful appliances make ironing more productive, and even enjoyable! Choose from a range of models that will efficiently iron and steam your favourite clothes and all kinds of fabrics with perfect results every time, and none of the hassle or cost of going to the dry cleaner. 

Tefal steam iron stations are big on ironing performance, designed to handle even the heaviest home ironing loads with ease. They offer professional results, with intense high pressure steam delivery to smooth out even the most stubborn creases and wrinkles. At the same time, your steam iron station is guaranteed to be gentle on even the most delicate fabrics including silk.

Designed with ease of use in mind, Tefal steam generators include features such as large, removable water tanks that are easy to refill, and comfort handles and extra-long cords for user-friendly ironing and steaming. Pressing and steaming your dresses, suits, shirts, sheets, pillowcases and linen is faster and easier than ever before.  

Enjoy an effortless, flawless and smooth glide when ironing thanks to the advanced soleplate technology featuring Durilium Airglide®. The soleplate has active steam holes at the tip, sides and centre for maximum steam distribution. No-setting technology makes it 100% safe, with no risk of burn or score for any ironable fabric.

The anti-scale function rinses calcium build-up or collects deposits for easy removal depending on the model selected. New high pressure boiler technology delivers high pressure steam at up to 8 bars for excellent results.The combination of heat and steam pressure also removes up to 99.99% of viruses, bacteria and germs to keep your clothes clean and fresh, as well as being free of wrinkling.

Tefal steam stations are very light to pick up and use. They come with a handy resting heel to park the iron on the ironing board during steaming sessions. Safety is provided when carrying the appliance with a lock system ensuring effortless carry and storage in full security.

The latest Tefal steam generators provide great value for money and help you iron and steam like a pro, without the hassle and cost of going to the dry cleaner. Creased clothes are a thing of the past when you buy a Tefal steam iron station. Choose from a wide range of models that offer professional results, fast and efficient performance or easy ironing to suit different ironing loads and requirements, and to provide the best possible care for your favourite garments.

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Professional Results

  • Pro Express Protect GV9222
    Pro Express Protect GV9222

    Ultra powerful, 100% safe for all fabrics*

  • Pro Express Ultimate GV9553
    Pro Express Ultimate GV9553

    Professional results achieved at home

  • Pro Express Ultimate GV9543
    Pro Express Ultimate GV9543

    Professional results achieved at home

  • Pro Express Ultimate GV9533
    Pro Express Ultimate GV9533

    Professional results achieved at home

  • Pro Express Ultimate GV9534
    Pro Express Ultimate GV9534

    Professional results achieved at home

  • Pro Express Vision GV9820
    Pro Express Vision GV9820

    Light your way to perfect results

  • Pro Express Ultimate II GV9720
    Pro Express Ultimate II GV9720

    Ultra powerful day after day

  • Express Vision SV8151
    Express Vision SV8151

    Super powerful with unique LED vision

  • Express Power SV8110
    Express Power SV8110

    Super powerful with unique calc collector

  • Fast & Efficient


    Extra powerful, easy to use

  • Easy Ironing

  • Express Easy SV6131
    Express Easy SV6131

    Reduce your ironing time by up to 30%*