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Steam Generators / Steam Stations


Tefal’s steam iron stations, also known as steam generators, will make your time at the ironing board much more productive and enjoyable. With a range of powerful models to choose from, steam stations are the smart and fast way to iron your favourite clothes and fabrics. Get professional results every time, without the cost and hassle of going to the dry cleaner.

Buying a steam station is a great way to make ironing more efficient and effective, with lightweight design features making ironing easier than ever before. Get rid of stubborn creases and wrinkles with ease thanks to powerful performance that is also gentle on delicate fabrics such as silk. It also removes up to 99.9% of viruses, bacteria and germs due to the combination of high temperature and steam pressure.

And Tefal steam stations are not just kind to your clothing, they are user-friendly as well. They feature big, removable water tanks for easy refilling, and comfort handles and extra-long cords for ease of use. They also come with a large resting heel to park the iron on the ironing board during steaming sessions. Durable and built for even the heaviest of home ironing needs, they feature anti-scale functions.

A must-have for every home laundry, steam iron stations offer the ultimate ironing experience and professional results. Choose from a range of models to suit different ironing loads and requirements.



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Professional Results

  • Pro Express Protect GV9222
    Pro Express Protect GV9222

    Ultra powerful, 100% safe for all fabrics*

  • Pro Express Ultimate GV9553
    Pro Express Ultimate GV9553

    Professional results achieved at home

  • Pro Express Ultimate GV9543
    Pro Express Ultimate GV9543

    Professional results achieved at home

  • Pro Express Ultimate GV9533
    Pro Express Ultimate GV9533

    Professional results achieved at home

  • Fast & Efficient


    Extra powerful, easy to use

  • Easy Ironing

  • Express Easy SV6131
    Express Easy SV6131

    Reduce your ironing time by up to 30%*