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OptiGrill+ combines patented technology and Tefal know-how to bring you precise cooking results for restaurant quality food at home without a meat thermometer.
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What makes OptiGrill so great

why OptiGrill?

Rare or well done, or somewhere in between? However you like your salmon, steak and veggies, this grill does it all.

no more guessswork

6 automatic programmes for assisted cooking of burgers, poultry, sandwiches, sausages, red meat & fish.

thickness sensor

A built in thickness sensor adds another level of precision to your cooking, so OptiGrill+ knows not just what you’re cooking but how much.

cooking light indicator

A LED cooking indicator lets you know exactly when your food has reached the cooking level right for you.

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Optigrill Recipes

With an included ‘On the Grill’ recipe book you’ll never be short on recipe ideas for the OptiGrill+. From steak and the best toasted sandwich to grilled pineapple there’s something for every one in every season.


Thick it to me

When you close the lid of the OptiGrill+ it automatically calibrates the right cooking time of your ingredient based on the food thickness and programme you have selected.

colour indicator

Colour coded and accompanied with audible beeps, OptiGrill+ is designed to assist you by letting you know when your cooking has reached the stage you like your food cooked at, rare, medium or well-done.

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Also available Optigrill XL

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Tefal OptiGrill

how the optigrill light indicator works

How do you like your meat cooked?
Our LED cooking indicator lets you know when your steak is done right for you.


& rare


all medium
no tedium

well done

not hum-drum

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