Greentea pudding

Greentea pudding


  • 6


  • Affordable


  • Very easy


  • Prep time

  • Cook time


  • 2 tbsp green tea
  • 2 tbsp hot water
  • 3 eggs
  • 65 g granulated sugar
  • 360 mL milk
  • 60 mL whipped cream
  • 6 tbsp bean jam


Put green tea powder in a small bowl. Add hot water little by little and mix well so that there are no lumps.

Mix egg and sugar in another bowl. Add green tea mix, milk and whipped cream and mix well. (It will become smooth if passed through a strainer). Put 1tbsp of beans jam at the bottom of each pot and pour the mix into the pots evenly.

Fill the base of the appliance with water up to the max level. Plugin the appliance; click twice on OK to select the dairy dessert mode. Then click on OK to confirm your choice. Adjust the cooking time to 25 or 30 min with the keys then confirm your choice by clicking on OK.

When cooking is complete, leave to cool, put the lids on the pots and refrigerate.